black forest cut paper trees, ceramic raindrop in bell jar by leigh craven

Our relationships are complex. What we project to the outside world may not be the reality of our inside world. But each of us exposes clues about our life and our relationships with the look of an eye, the expression of our mouth, our body language. We each expose ourselves in ways we may not have realized. And simultaneously, we clothe ourselves in deceptive guises as means of protection. Portraiture opens the door to the sitter's personal space. It provides insight to the subjects' character and identity.

Much of the artwork in my portfolio focuses on my subjective reactions to individuals, often family and close friends. Currently, I have been creating mixed media boxes and bell jars that incorporate both flat and three-dimensional imagery. I play with representation and narrative in attempt to create an image that is ambiguous in read; whose distance from reality or fantasy is indiscernible.

Photography by Clements Photography & Design